Leslie Goldman, MPH
Writer, Book Author, Body Image Speaker, Spokesperson

Leslie has served as a spokesperson for Dove, Starbucks, Lifeway Kefir, and more. To inquire about potential spokesperson collaborations, please contact Leslie at info@lesliegoldmanwrites.com.


What audiences have to say about Leslie:

"I recently had the privilege of hearing Leslie speak about the health benefits of philanthropic giving and volunteerism at the Pi Beta Phi Convention during our Foundation Dinner. Leslie was at ease and fully engaged the room of over 1,100 women - both collegians and alumnae - with a great balance of lots of laughter and plenty of information. It was obvious that Leslie had taken the time to understand our organization and our passion for literacy before coming to speak and that she was well-informed on women’s health. After her keynote, I overhead many other women discussing the topic of our health and how it relates back to our desire to help others. Leslie definitely got her message across to our group!"

— Brenda Wirth
International Officer of Pi Beta Phi Fraternity for Women

" I met Leslie Goldman at a sorority conference in Miami where she delivered the keynote speech. Not only was the speech witty and empowering, but it inspired myself and the two girls I was with so much that we brought her to speak at our university a few months later. I have seen Leslie speak to an audience of around 30 people and one of about 500, but in both cases Leslie reaches out on a personal level. Her combination of personal stories, comic relief, and popular examples address important issues like eating disorders, body image, and self confidence."

— Rachel Pieschek
Lawrence Technological University student, Class of 2014

"I had the beautiful pleasure of not only hearing Leslie speak at Miriam Hospital's Women's Wellness Event, but meeting for a chat afterwards. I shared that I've always had issues with my bod, but she helped me decide that I was important and to be good to myself. One very important message that I received from her was that who I am is because of what is on the inside, NOT because of what I am on the OUTSIDE! How inspired and empowered I felt believing this as fact for the first time. Thank you for the awesome inspiration that it is important to be pleased and love who I am. I am learning that I am strong, wise, have empathy and I am a loving person. Thanks for making a great Saturday greater by hearing your spirit through your words and sending them my way. "

— Marsha N, Warwick, RI

"Leslie Goldman was a phenomenal speaker for our campus. She made today's issues real, contemporary, and very applicable to our lives. Using a mix of a personal testimony and interactive media images, Leslie made our college women wake up to the truth that exists all around them. Our audience left absolutely floored by Leslie's presentation, and extremely energized about their new concepts of real body image and self-esteem. This was a dynamite and positively charged evening, not soon to be forgotten!"

— Laura R. van Rens
UNC-Chapel Hill Panhellenic President, Class of 2008

"Leslie Goldman is a superb speaker. She was charming, witty and informative when she presented on behalf of the National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders. Using examples from her bestselling book, Locker Room Diaries, she held the complete attention of her audience. She would be an excellent speaker in any venue."

— Vivian Hanson Meehan, D.Sc.
President, National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders

“Leslie Goldman is a great advocate for a positive outlook on body image and women's self-development. She changed my outlook on how manipulative the media is.”

— Joy Checa Chong
Senior; VP-Education, Northwestern Panhellenic Council

“Leslie Goldman is extremely down-to-earth. Her stories are sincere but also light-hearted. I want my chapter to think about these stories and how we can become better role models to younger women. Let's start a revolution”

— Karissa Fehler
Sophomore; Northwestern U.

“Not just women are plagued by the lies manufactured by the media. Men struggle with their body perception just like women. Ms. Goldman exposes the smoke and mirrors that is our standard for beauty and brings us one step closer to a healthier body image. I would recommend her message to all audiences, but especially to my peers that have grown up in an age of Photoshop and cosmetic surgery."

"As a man, Ms. Goldman's presentation gave me insight into what my girl friends are dealing with and helped me know how to be that much better of a friend to them. I had no idea how fake many of the pictures are that are set up as an ideal in terms of beauty in our media. All men need to hear this stuff: We act all macho and like we don't care, but these lies affect us whether we realize it or not."

— Mark Laymon
Junior: Baylor University Student Body President

"During her presentation at Southern Methodist University, Leslie Goldman captured the emotions of her audience by using humor and personal experiences to discuss a difficult topic--body image. Acting more as a mentor and friend than a lecturer (both on and off stage), Leslie discussed the ways the media alters the image of a 'perfect body' and helped identify signs of eating disorders and poor body image. By the end of her discussion, members of the audience were left with clarity and confidence that may eventually promote self-acceptance and respect for their own bodies."

— Lauren Powell
Junior; Vice President of Development, SMU Panhellenic Council

"We took a girls vacation weekend this summer and sat by the pool taking turns reading your entire book aloud to each other. We still reference things from your book in every day conversation. One thing that really hit me hard was when you wrote that women will look in the mirror and say disgraceful things about their body, but if a man ever said the same things they'd be appalled. It was a kind of "aha" moment for me. Thanks for writing your book!"

— Jillian Rae
26, gymnastics coach.

"Leslie is more than laugh-out-loud funny. I don't think I've enjoyed a presentation so much!"

— Emily Carpenter
UNC-Chapel Hill freshman

“I would like to offer a recommendation for the acclaimed author/speaker Leslie Goldman. Leslie Goldman was a presenter at the 55th Annual Jewish Book Fair in Metropolitan Detroit. Ms. Goldman’s appearance here was the 3rd time that I was lucky enough to be a member of her audience. Her subject matter is sometimes difficult to discuss. Ms. Goldman speaks with complete candor, and is charming and engaging. It was our pleasure to have her here as part of book fair.

Ms. Goldman truly inspires each person in her audience. She is poised, well spoken and out-spoken! Her presentation on her wonderful book Locker Room Diaries and her discussions about female body image are important topics for men and women of any age. I feel that her wisdom would benefit college as well as high school students immensely. Many students are facing extremely serious body image issues and Ms. Goldman has the ability to reach them and help ease their suffering. In short, I highly recommend Leslie Goldman as a speaker."

— Heidi Budaj
Book Fair Director; Director, Jewish Life and Learning, Metropolitan Detroit

“Leslie Goldman, author of the Locker Room Diaries, reaches a diverse audience because she can define the concept [of body image] with real life examples drawn from her research and personal experience. The audience members open up with their own very personal questions and anecdotes. Ms. Goldman’s transparency brings her audience to tears and laughter around a topic that is deeply personal to everyone.”

— Kathleen Burke CEO
Robert Crown Center for Health Education, Hinsdale, IL

“Leslie Goldman speaks as well as she writes. Alternately moving and funny, her comments about women and their complicated relationships with their own bodies resonates with the audience. She offered wisdom and humor. Not only was her presentation enjoyable at the moment, but it has stimulated much thought and discussion afterwards. Any group of women, or the men who love them, would benefit from hearing Leslie.”

— Randi M. Gurian, LCSW
Executive Director, The Harbour, Inc.,
a community-based agency for adolescent girls
who are at risk physically, emotionally,
educationally and economically

“Leslie Goldman is a charismatic speaker who presents with poise and sincerity. She speaks with passion, integrity, experience, and above all, empathy. She goes above and beyond the stereotypical lecture about body image and eating disorders; Leslie lets you into her world, sharing her traumatic battle while still sending a powerfully positive
message filled with hope and inspiration. Her blend of heartfelt confessions and relatable humor make the presentation an absolute pleasure. Leslie Goldman addresses a monumentally important issue in modern society, and anyone would be privileged to hear her story.”

— Stephanie S.
University of Michigan freshman

“We learned about Ms. Goldman when a student leader saw her on the Today Show. The student then read Ms. Goldman’s book and was so inspired that she wanted to bring her to campus. Working with [Leslie] was very easy and she was very willing to do everything we asked including a public talk and informal meetings with students. Her message was excellent and extremely relevant. She spoke both from her own experience and from her research. This combination worked very well for our audience…At one point she suggested that we try to say something nice to someone each day. Although this seems like a silly simple thing to do, it really struck me and I have made it a daily practice – especially when I am in the gym locker room.”

— Susannah Sagan
Associate Director
Ohio State University Hillel

“I wholeheartedly recommend Leslie Goldman. She spoke to my 7th grade group, about 120 students (boys and girls), and had their total attention...a rarity for that age. She mixed a serious message in with parts of humor and parts of reflection as well. A few girls waited patiently to speak with her afterward - some with tears and some with smiles as big as could be - all wanting to tell her their own stories and say 'Thanks.' That's not something I see every day; something that can move a 7th grader to say an unsolicited 'thanks' afterward made an impression. It certainly took a special person and discussion.”

— Josh Burgess
West Hills Middle School, Michigan

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