Leslie Goldman, MPH
Writer, Book Author, Body Image Speaker, Spokesperson

An empowering guide to cultivating confident, passionate, and powerful young leaders during the most formative stage of life: the middle school years. At a pivotal time in their lives, girls learn to advocate for others, think critically, and, most importantly, gain confidence in their ability to create change. Brave Girls shows how contributing to one cause (in this case, animal rescue) can shape a leader for life while reducing the hazards of middle school—bullying, excessive competition, fear of speaking out—and identifying the patterns that truly make a difference. If we take initiative early enough, we can inspire today's girls to become the next generation of strong, enthusiastic, and fulfilled leaders in all areas of society.

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On December 31, 2008, personal chef, trainer, and former model Paul “PJ” James set out to add nearly 100 pounds to his ripped 176-pound physique. This “anti-New Year’s resolution” was driven by a yearning to empathize with his overweight clients and to demonstrate that with dedication and the right tools, weight loss success is possible. In six months, PJ packed on 50 percent of his body weight; when he attempted to lose it, he realized the true challenges of overweight people everywhere. Working through addiction to sweets and carbs, injuries, and embarrassment, PJ discovered a plan that really works. No b.s., no empty promises, just real tools and strategies from someone who “walked the talk” to figure out how to best help those who need it most.

With a targeted fitness program, “clean eating” recipes, and success stories, Take It Off, Keep It Off is a guide to changing your life—for good.

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If only I could lose ten pounds. I hate my thighs. I wish my stomach were more toned. What woman doesn’t experience moments of self-doubt when it comes to her body? Who of us doesn’t secretly wonder how our life might improve “if only” we could change one physical attribute? Why are we so hard on ourselves?

In her fascinating, tell-all locker room confidential, Leslie Goldman reveals just how driven American women have become in their constant quest for perfection, when really they need only look to themselves for the “perfect” body. Often dressed in no more than a towel, Goldman spent five years talking with women of all shapes and sizes about their bodies, from taut twenty-somethings to heavyset seniors. Using her own stories as a springboard, she asks them what goes into shaping not just their bodies but their body image: What are their exercise routines? Which body part do they like the most? The least? Is the locker room a place for female camaraderie or an arena for harsh self-judging? She hears from women who follow compulsive workout schedules and make daily dates with the scale; she talks to those who undergo bikini waxes, body fat measurements, and plastic surgery and to those who struggle with eating issues every single day. Here, too, are new mommies who bond over losing that post-baby bump. But perhaps the loudest chorus in the steam room is the women who speak candidly of their long road to self-acceptance, of recognizing that every wrinkle, stretch mark, bit of cellulite (yes, it’s part of being a woman!) defines who we are and makes us uniquely lovely.

Blending expert opinion with wonderfully intimate, often hilarious, confidences, Locker Room Diaries will inspire anyone who knows the highs of exercise to leave the lows of self-esteem behind. It is a wake-up call for any woman who has ever wished her body were something other than it is. In other words, this book is for every woman.

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