Leslie Goldman, MPH
Writer, Book Author, Body Image Speaker, Spokesperson

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This Is Your Face on Motherhood

Hungry Girl

What It's Like to Lose Your Shit in Front of 500 Sorority Girls

Milk: It Does a Booby Good

Yo Mama: TIME Cover Edition

Top 12 Hilarious Tips for Moms-to-be

The Time I Said “Vagina” on National TV

Dear Younger Me

Read some favorites from Leslie’s iVillage blog, NeverSayDiet.

A Letter To My 13-Year-Old Self
In honor of Love Your Body Day, our blogger shares her wisdom with her younger, more insecure self

Top 10 Craziest Moments in Body Image, 2010
A wild look back at the year's weirdest, wildest, and downright scariest newsmakers

My Tall-Girl Advice to Malia Obama
Sky-high blogger Leslie Goldman shares her lofty wisdom for the first daughter

Before You Were Hot
The Web site that embraces your awkward early years and lets you show how far you've come

What Snooki Taught Me About Body Image
And what we can learn from reality TV stars Bethenny Frankel, Heidi Montag and Kate Gosselin

Are You 'Formerly Hot'?
Finding your identity when you're too old to be young, but not ready to join AARP

How Bea Arthur Helped My Body Image

Pooh Sandwiches, Butterios and Other Childhood Food Bombs
They were tasty, but what were our parents thinking when they fed us these nutritional nightmares?

8 Foods You're Afraid To Try...But Should
Check out these superfoods that will boost your health if only you'd give them a chance

Top 10 Commercials Most Offensive Toward Women

The 9 Worst 'Healthy' Breakfast Foods
Avoid these sugar-bombs masquerading as health food

5-Minute Body Image Boosters
Here's how to bust the blues when you're in a rut

Fat-Free, Gluten-Free and Other Labels That Hinder Weight Loss

The Body Hair Debate: Are You a Kim Kardashian or a Mo'Nique?
Tracing the roots of the body hair removal craze to find out why some think a woman needs to be hairless to be sexy

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