Leslie Goldman, MPH
Writer, Book Author, Body Image Speaker, Spokesperson

Women's health writer and body image expert Leslie Goldman, MPH, is a frequent contributor of feature stories and essays to O: The Oprah Magazine, SELF, Women's Health, Fit Pregnancy, Natural Health, Woman's Day, espnW.com and more. When she's not helping readers fortify their immune systems, telling them how to be "just healthy enough" or reminiscing about her wackadoodle babymaking exploits, she blogs at HealthBreaksLoose.com, Huffington Post and TheBump.com. Leslie's first book Locker Room Diaries: The Naked Truth About Women, Body Image, and Re-imagining the "Perfect" Body, has been featured on the Today Show, and she has visited dozens of college and university campuses, delivering her talk on women and body image to audiences of up to 2500. She is proud to be a frequent guest on the Today Show, discussing everything from 5’11”/115-lb models being fired for being “too fat” to Barbie's body to everyone's favorite topic: cleavage. Leslie earned her Masters in Public Health at the University of Illinois-Chicago and her Bachelor of Science in Nutritional Sciences at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where she was recently named to the inaugural University of Wisconsin Forward Under 40 list. She lives in Chicago with her husband Dan and their two sweet daughters.

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